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(continued)  In January of 1994 Lisa Little was born again and started attending church.  Greg refused to "go to church with them hypocrites."  All that was about to change. On April 3, 1994 Justin went into respiratory distress and died momentarily in his mother's arms and was revived a few seconds later.  The EMT's arrived and took Justin to the local hospital and was immediately transferred to Greenville, SC. April 7, 1994 Justin's Doctor spoke to Greg telling him that Justin would probably die that night.  The Great Physician dealt with Greg and showed him he was on his way to Hell.  Greg repented of his sins and trusted Christ as his Saviour that night at 11:45 PM and was gloriously born again by the power of God. All the years of trying to quit drugs and alcohol were over as they were stopped that night.  Justin was miraculously healed from the respiratory problems and lived.  He is currently still alive and 24 years old.  To God be the glory! After coming home from the hospital the Little's began attending church with "all them hypocrites" in Gaffney where Greg was baptized.  On August 7 the same year the Lord called Greg to preach.  On October 16 he surrendered publicly to full time service for Jesus the King. January 1, 1995 Greg began attending Bible College to prepare for full time ministry as a pastor.  In June of 1995 Greg Little went to "fill in" for a service at Victory Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC.  He was voted in as pastor on July 12, 1995 where he is still the pastor. On April 22, 2006 Greg completed his studies from Andersonville Theological Seminary where he earned his Doctorate. To God be the glory! Psalm 118:8 It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. 

Dr. Greg Little